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Fast and well built.

We mixed agile techniques like Scrum, Kan Ban and XP to reduce our development time. We deliver value every 15 days.

Quick and valuable.

We develop your product piece by piece. We work on functionality and interaction at the same time. We make sure everything works like a swiss clock. Completely Bug Free.

Dedicated Teams.

A team that works for you exclusively.

Bi-Weekly Deliverables.

New market-ready features every 15 days.

Open to Changes.

Change scope based on new priorities.


Our agile way,

Our team and yours become one. We get to work side by side from Monday till Friday.

Sprint Planning.

Our teams meets to reach an agreement for the next 2 weeks worth of work. We solve problems regarding the product. Communication doesn’t end here.

Daily Scrum.

We organize and plan what to do that day, we identify what’s stopping us and what we have achieved. We organize ourselves as a team.

Sprint Review.

We show you two weeks worth of work. We make a demo in which you can see what your dedicated team did. You can plan for what’s next.

Sprint Retrospective.

We sit down and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. What do we need to improve to become a better team and better people.

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