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Validated Product.

In a week, we identify the critical aspects of your idea. We identify your customer’s needs, think of solutions and validate with real users.


We understand your customer’s motivations.


We think of alternatives to fix the root problem.


We work efficiently to deliver tangible results.

Better odds at success.

With a week’s work you can spare months of building the wrong thing. We design a solution that clicks with your customer


Planned Activities.

Our team and yours become one. We get to work side by side from Monday till Friday.

Monday: Understand.

On day 1, we met each other, undestrand your product’s vision and make the tough questions. We identify your users’ motivations.

Tuesday: Explore Ideas.

We research your competitors, and get inspired by solutions we like. We let creativity flow and think of hundreds of alternatives.

Wednesday: Design a Solution.

We take a deep look at all of the ideas and alternatives. We select the best concepts, mix and remix to define solution 1.0.

Thursday: Prototype the Solution.

We find real potential customers to evaluate the product on Friday. We make a prototype that looks and feels real.

Friday: Validate the Idea.

We show your prototype to potential customers. Based on their opinions, we can make decisions and take action.

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